Our Village Location


At Mother Earth's Learning Village, community is important to us. We have incorporated not only a space for our children to gather but for us all to gather. We can support and inspire each other as a community collective.


 Our indoor location, is an creative learning environment. A place where children can let their creativity soar while they inspire each other in the learning process. 


This location is locating in a community filled space with beautiful grounds that children can explore Mother Earth and all of her glory. There is a free flowing river and amazing green space, so children can enjoy learning outdoors.


Children will care for the small animals we have and learn about the amazing creations that Mother Earth offers. Children will be inspired not only to learn about our planet but also each other. Each of our amazing qualities that make us all, our authentic selves.


Our outdoor learning environment, will have opportunity to learn through nature all day while building life and survival skills. Children will learn compassion, acceptance and understanding towards themselves, Mother Earth and each other.


Children will be learning all about our food and will be taking care of the gardens. They will have an opportunity to enjoy their bounty. We will have family gatherings for the children to not only to provide food for themselves but also their families.