The Village Pathway

For Children 4 to 13 years of age


An alternative learning approach that creates empowered learners, that are connected and invested in their own learning. That become so passionate about something, that they learn all they can about it. We use real life ideas, issues and meaningful skills to empower our  future visionaries, entrepreneurs, educators, and humanitarians.

  • History and Social Justice
  • Real Life Math, Time Management and Organization
  • Science and Sustainability
  • Geography and World Diversity
  • Intuition, Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Creativity and Self Expression
  • Life Skills, Accountability and Compassion
  • Critical Thinking, Plant Based Knowledge and Survival Skills 

With our self-evaluation system, students with their families and our staff create self directed and individual learning goals for each unique child. So, that they have a continuous ebb and flow of organic learning.